The program consists of twelve hundred (1200) hours of instruction in the art, science, and business of professional beauty care. A comprehensive, full-service approach, applicable in today’s modern salon environment is stressed. The student will receive instruction in “theory” (textbook/classroom), “practical” and “clinical” experiences on actual patrons.
There is no previous knowledge of any aspect of cosmetology that is required or assumed. Students learn through a combination of lectures, demonstrations and hands on practical experiences on mannequins. Opportunity is also provided for students to practice on each other, so as to offer a more realistic experience and exemplify the importance of good grooming for the cosmetologist.
The student learning activities take place in the lecture room, classroom, and the “Beauty Clinic”. Along with continued theory and practical assignments, the students perform beauty services of all kinds. The “Clinic”, while still a controlled educational environment, strives to reflect, as realistically as possible, a modern salon environment. During this phase of the course, the student is guided in gaining experiences designed not only to develop and perfect the skills previously acquired, but to aid in the development of the speed, confidence, salesmanship, customer relations skills and professionalism, required for success in a professional salon environment.
Special Note: Florida Academy courses are assigned an alpha-numeric identifier. For example the Cosmetology Program have the suffix “C” and are numbered sequentially.
Prior to applying for licensure, all beauty students are required to take a H.I.V./A.I.D.S course.

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